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Why Hezbollah can’t fire a rocket into Israel

With the attacks on Gaza escalating, everyone feels incredibly helpless. No one knows how long it will last or how many more people will be killed by the monstrous Israeli regime. Palestinian resistances are confined by the inhumane seven year siege of Gaza and  are unable to receive decent weaponry to fight this “war”. While they have been successful in many operations, such as sending rockets to Tel Aviv for the first time in 21 years and downing drones, resistance in Gaza is still being pummeled by the technologically advanced Israeli army. What could they possibly do with Egypt restraining movement through Rafah disallowing people to even take refuge from the ongoing bombardment?

One would think it would be a fabulous idea to assume Hezbollah should get involved. Well, it’s not.

Actually, it’s a really illogical idea or claim to make. Now, there are some making this “point” with the motive of trying to discredit Hezbollah’s support for the Palestinian cause. “Oh, does Hezbollah really care about Palestine? THEN WHY AREN’T THEY FIRING ROCKETS INTO ISRAEL, HUH?”. I’m not trying to sound like a mouthpiece, but everyone thinks I am anyway so I may as well just go with it- supporting a cause is different than fighting for a cause. While there have been reports that Hezbollah fighters had attempted to enter Gaza in 2008-09, no one can actually say that they haven’t indirectly aided the resistance. I can only really say this based on assumptions, but I feel like it’s a legitimate thought: the rockets that hit Tel Aviv were Fajr 5 rockets from Iran. One of Hezbollah’s biggest allies is Iran. After the Tel Aviv rocket fire, Sayyed Nasrallah held a speech congratulating the resistance further elaborating what a Fajr 5 rocket is and its velocity and importance. I just thought it was ironic and perhaps people would like to chew on that for a bit. However, these are simply my feelings and theory.

But then, there are those, who just lack common sense. These are the same kind of people who use the excuse that the Syrian regime is not pro-Palestinian ( not that I am claiming it to be, but the following statement is ridiculous) because they’ve never fired a bullet into Golan Heights (which they have, this past week.)

Guys. Please hear me out.

If a couple of rockets from Gaza results in week long violence and nearly 70 people murdered…what do you think Israel will do to Lebanon? Just allow a barrage of rocket fire to hit Israel and not retaliate? And we have seen Israeli retaliation. They have absolutely no remorse for civilians and will purposely target as many as they can. If we want the killing to stop in Gaza, how is it logical to bring south Lebanon into it as well?

Another point is, that if Israel gets into it with Hezbollah, it will be the ugliest war this region has ever seen. Since the 2006 war was seen as a defeat by even Israel themselves, do you think they’re going to just leave Lebanon alone and not come back with the vilest form of revenge? They are waiting at the edge of their seats for Hezbollah attack in attempt to blame them, as they did in 2006.  The cause of Palestine is divided in Lebanon. Not all Lebanese, even supporters of Hezbollah, support bringing down Lebanon because of Palestine, to put it bluntly. It’s not right since we are all technically the same land, but that’s a whole other blog. If in 2006, Hezbollah’s supporters were attacking them, calling them disproportional for plunging Lebanon into a war by kidnapping the two Israeli soldiers for the SAKE of LEBANON their own COUNTRY, just imagine if they did for Palestine. It was only after the war that people acknowledged that the kidnappings were successful in the prisoner swap.

Why did I feel the need to blog about this? Well because first of all- I have been asked so many times why Hezbollah hasn’t interfered as if I can give a confirmed answer (I don’t think it’s necessary to say that everything I’ve written is my 2 cents) and secondly, I just feel like some people are looking at this situation too black and white. South Lebanon is a ticking time bomb. It’s calm now, but it will explode one day. The liberation is temporary as long as Israel exists. Hezbollah still has a war they are fighting here in Lebanon. They must be strategic in their aid for Palestine and not recklessly start shooting rockets from Lebanese land….or else Israel will just use that excuse to occupy South Lebanon again for 22 years.

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Walkthrough: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Speech 8/24/10

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Hezbollah, has brought to the table numerous topics in his recent speech.

Aiding the Lebanese Army

In the first part of his speech, he spoke about the intentions of the weaponry given to the Lebanese Army by the US. He stated,

“What happened in the last confrontation between Israel and the Lebanese army tells us much about the weapons the US gives us. The weapons the US gives to Lebanon are not given to fight Israel, but are given for internal purposes. We will never accept conditions for US aid, we don’t need US aid.”

He also accused the US of giving arms to the Lebanese army to stop Lebanon into “falling into the hands of Hezbollah”.

Sayyed Nasrallah  spoke about countries, specifically Iran, and how they should aid the Lebanese Army with weapons in order to defend themselves from the Israeli army. He also spoke of the urgency regarding the supplying of weapons.

“We don’t want to buy weapons, we need weapons. We must tell our brothers in Iran to help with whatever they can.

Iran will give equipment to the Lebanese Army without any conditions. I suggest the government come to a decision on this. “

The President of Iran is due to visit Lebanon after Ramadan.

Israeli Spies in Lebanon

A big problem in Hezbollah and Lebanon’s security is the huge amount of Lebanese spies working for Israel. Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the punishment for the spies must be tougher and the death penalties must continue to be used.

“What makes someone hesitate and not spy for Israel? The death penalty. This will stop Israel recruiting. Punishment invigorates a society. If you do not have punishment for wrongdoing, it destroys a society.”

He talked about the immunity Hezbollah has against internal spies and why it would be difficult for Israel to infiltrate the resistance.

“When I say no, we dont have spies in Hezbollah, I am not saying it because we are Hezbollah. I am saying it because we are immune. I would like to say, on this table of Iftar, that we dont have spies in Hezbollah because Israel has no information on Hezbollah. If you want to join this organization, you will be subjected to interrogation even if you are the son of the secretary…”

The Tribunal Regarding Prime Minister Rafik Hariri

A part of the speech was dedicated to the tribunal regarding the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005 after a car bomb exploded. In a previous speech, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah shared hard hitting evidence, revealing Israeli drone tapes tracking the late Prime Minister’s movement in all around Lebanon. He also supplied proof of Lebanese spies working for Israel, admitting that they were giving false testimonies.  He accused Israel of murdering Mr. Hariri and demanded that charges against Hezbollah men to be dropped. In tonight’s speech, he talked about the dangers in the way the International Tribunal is being handled:

“Does the International Tribunal control what the Lebanese Judiciary should do? This is dangerous for Lebanon for false witnesses to be used by international bodies against our country. Whatever you want to name them, the truth doesn’t change. We have a group of individuals who have given false testimony. For the sake of justice, the Lebanese must know who created the false witnesses. The voice must continue to be raised until the Lebanese get this right. It is our national right to know the truth.”

“I said i wouldn’t give 100% concrete evidence, I said I would give evidence that would open a new horizon for the investigation. […] I gave my evidence to the Lebanese Judiciary, not to the International Tribunal. I will not be dragged into this political game of the International Tribunal, I will make my comments at the appropriate time.”

In the last part of his speech, topics such as Lebanon’s complicated electricity and water situation were discussed.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010.

Special thanks to @Jnoubiyeh on Twitter ( for the English Translation. You may find her website here:

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