Kim Kardashian to name her kid Gertrud?? WTF

Great, now I have your attention.

You wouldn’t have clicked this link if I had written “Samer ilIssawi is dying of hunger”, would you?

I am not judging you. I am asking you to not be in denial. You are more attracted to Hollywood, but that’s just the way we were raised. And it’s okay, sometimes I catch myself watching mindless E! reality shows as well…but we should not let that overshadow humanity. 


So now that I have your attention: Samer ilIssawi is dying.



I applaud those who have continued to read. It means you care. It means your mind is not filled with complete nonsense about celebrities that only care from your existence because they make money from you.

Who is Samer ilIssawi? Well, he certainly isn’t Kim Kardashian. But he is someone who’s got injustice’s cruel hands clamped to his neck, killing him slowly and painfully. You see, Samer is an innocent man like you and I except at the same time, he isn’t. He hasn’t eaten for 200 days. Why not? Because he is fighting. He’s fighting for his freedom and the freedom of all those unjustly detained by Israel without trial or charge. So basically, he is sitting in jail without anyone having proof that he committed a crime. Isn’t that a little more astonishing than the name Gertrud? I think it is. 

And now, I bet you’re wondering, “Okay great…now I know who he is but what can I do about it?”. Well, I’m here to tell you that Samer, and countless of other prisoners, is in this position because we don’t know his story. Because the media and humanity in general don’t know what is going on. So now you know what is going on. Spread the word. He is the voice of Palestine and we need to be his microphone.

Join us every day on Twitter and make some noise. Watch the Khader Adnan Twitter that tweets daily hashtags we can use to contact media, or anyone, to talk about his and the Palestinian hunger strikers’ stories. Its the least we can do. And one thing will lead to another, eventually.

The Red Cross has stated that Samer ilIssawi’s heart could stop at any moment. The time to act is now

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One thought on “Kim Kardashian to name her kid Gertrud?? WTF

  1. Raz

    Great Article, as usual

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