Accept the truth before it destroys us.

Recently, a controversy has erupted in the activism world regarding the Palestinian cause and the fight against Zionism. Electronic Intifada covered a story claiming a member of the Free Gaza movement left an offensive, anti-Semitic tweet. It resulted in criticism of Electronic Intifada’s professionalism as well as accusations of them spying. Since then, the story has indeed developed and has left us into what is now a huge mess of questioning journalistic and activism credibility . Many see it was defamation and slandering, others see it as someone’s incapability as an activist to claim responsibility and admit they did something they shouldn’t have done. It has caused an even larger disunion in an already shaky atmosphere where many have fallen victim to being discredited based on their beliefs or political views.

However, I believe that the  people who are viewing this as a mindless dig really need to see it for what it is.  It’s not exposing for the worse, it’s for the sake and benefit of a truthful cause. Instead of dragging on the situation and lying about what happened, you can use one of these two choices: say you’re sorry for being offensive or say “well this is my view, suck it up”. If they choose the latter, the controversy will then surround the individual and not intefer with our cause. End of story.

An apology and explanation was issued after the tweet, the apology was deemed suspicious, more evidence was given to prove that  there was more than one tweet and that it was an actual group inciting Antisemitism.

And now people are furious.

The question on my mind is: WHY? Because we admitted that we, as mere mortals, are capable of making a mistake and our cause may have some slight corruption? As souls who are so defiant on letting the truth tell our story and battling lies, why are we sweeping facts under the rug and calling this a “conspiracy” and collaborating with the enemy just because they are having a field day that a mistake was found in our incredibly broad cause? When Israelis lie to whitewash their belief, we condemn them. When we are put in an awkward situation, we do the SAME thing they do and that’s try to whitewash with excuses. Well no, I will not have this. Lying on the premise that we can’t afford to lose anymore credibility to the cause is still lying. We’re trying to break down the apartheid wall with truth, not sweep mistakes under it that further strengthen it.

We must not be like Israelis and not admit to our faults. We mustn’t resort to personal attacks like offensively using the term Ayatollah in the way that Greta Berlin did. Which BY THE WAY, didn’t make me respect her anymore as I am a Shia Muslim and that term is used in our beliefs for respectable figures and she used it to mock someone.

We, as people, who yearn for those to hear the truth must first be able to HANDLE the truth despite who is laughing at us. What are we afraid of? There is corruption in our cause, humanity is not spared of corruption . Let’s destroy it while it’s still small instead of allowing it to grow into something we can no longer defeat.

I will not lie for the sake of anything, even a cause I wholeheartedly believe in. We are human beings, we make mistakes. This is not just a Palestinian cause. As a Lebanese who’s country is often torn apart into shreds by Zionism, I value those who fight against Israel but not at the expense of causing injustice to others. Antisemitism, just as Islamophobia, is never okay and we need to remove this mindset before accusations (with proof) of Antisemitism is used against us. That makes me more fearful than accepting the truth.

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One thought on “Accept the truth before it destroys us.

  1. Lee

    I would be careful with statements like “we must not be like ‘Israelis’ and not admit to our faults” there are many Israelis who see the faults of the zionists and Israeli government. With that said, I agree 100% with the rest of your post. Additionally, the U.S. Govt refuses to admit to the Israeli govt. Faults.

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