Your dumb assumptions make you look dumb

Never in my short blog life has a post caused so much hoopla. My recent blog post “The Syrian revolution is dead and maybe we should just accept that” resulted in personal attacks and dumb assumptions. So far, it’s my highest viewed blog and I’ve been told that the reasoning behind this is because it is “hilarious”. I honestly am flattered to have been your entertainment. I feel like I should make things clear, not because of me, but because of you.

Let’s go back to the dumb assumptions- because that, to me, is hilarious. I wanted to get offended by what people were saying about my blog but the idiotic methods they are using to belittle my views are simply that…idiotic. I mean, I was condemned for making the conflict “sectarian” by people bringing up my sect. I was scolded for my assumed “idolization” of Hezbollah by people who will not admit to the crimes of the FSA. The ironic hypocrisy of someone trying to argue that Hezbollah cannot be considered a resistance because of past operations is exactly what I was doing with my last blog but with the FSA. Yay for being original and different.

Then there are those annoying skim readers who already think they’ve got me figured out because they selectively read my tweets where I say I admire Nasrallah yet completely ignore how I have questioned him and his party and nearly every single thing regarding politics…even those who suit my views. This is because people generalize. Don’t play open minded if you’re going to shove me under the label of super Hezbollah Shia Bashar Iranian fangirl because I am not and that actually offends me. Just because I give credit where credit is due, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s called the truth and I’m not going to sweep Hezbollah victories under the rug to denigrate them. The same way I wouldn’t if the FSA ever has a victory.

I am incredibly capable of having two different views that contradict themselves…I am not a programmed robot. I supported the Syrian revolution, I see that it has failed, end of story. I hate writing these kinds of these because it feels like I am trying to explain myself to please people. I don’t dwell on what people think of me because that ship has sailed. But I really just want to point out how flawed these tactics are. If you don’t like what I write, argue it (see Maysaloon and Wala’s comments on my blog for examples)! If you mock me, you’re just going to look stupid. Provide me with information instead of calling me names and attempting to patronize me with elementary school insults.  And yes, this is a challenge.

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