War on media: the time is now

Please read this first: Truth does not bother Israel. Pushing buttons do.

My social media sister @occpal and I have decided that we are going to wage a war. No not a violent one, mind you…but a figurative war against the media. We, and I am sure many others as well, are fed up with the silence regarding Palestine in mainstream media (MSM for the cool kids). We can join social media websites like Twitter and Facebook and complain about it all we want, but where will that take us? Perhaps, we should target the media instead of just ranting about it. Hopefully, this will eventually encourage people to do offline protests in front of BBC, CNN or what have you…there are no rules here!

We are compiling a list of media online (mostly on Twitter for now), for you to contact when tweeting angrily about Palestinian suffering. The media plays a great role, because the more people know about the truth of Israel, the less they will support it. The more people hear the word “Palestine”, the more they will want to learn about it.

What I’d like for everyone to is give me a list of reporters/journalists/news from your country. That way, I can put them on this blog and everyone can just pick and choose who they want to direct their Palestinian related tweets to. I will be accepting politicians’ twitters as well.

I’ll start with US media and Lebanese politicians on Twitter, as well as a few from a couple of European countries. Feel free to add to this list in the comment box below and it will be updated into this blog.











Rick Sanchez @RickSanchezTV

Octavia Nasr @OctaviaNasr

Christiane Amanpour @CAmanpour

Katie Couric @KatieCouric

Wolf Blizter @wolfblizterCNN

Nicola Kristof @NickKristof

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper

Ayman Mohyeldin @AymanM

Arianna Huffington @AriannaHuff

Rachel Maddow @Maddow

Brian Williams @Bwilliams

Chuck Todd @chucktodd

George Stephanopoulous @GStephanopoulous




@LBCI_group (LBC)


Najib Mikati, Prime Minister @Najib_Mikati

Saad Hariri, former PM @HaririSaad

Michel Sleiman, President @SleimanMichel






























Also, I want to stress: Do not pester these people. Be relevant and logical at all times. You don’t want to end up like this.

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2 thoughts on “War on media: the time is now

  1. I think in order to ‘not kill our or our cause’s credibility’ there should be a sort of unified ‘tweet’ or message – this is why i personally prefer RT’ing sometimes. Mind you it’s not cuz i have nothing to say but i’d rather send out a unified msg.

    • Totally! I’m all for ideas, especially if they involve unification. 🙂 However, I’m terrible at mobilizing..

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