Trending for Palestine: Hashtags for hunger strikers

Trending for freedom- social media activists have taken action by using twitter hashtags to trend for untold stories of injustice and suffering. It was done for Khader Adnan and Hana AlShalabi, both who starved for freedom…protesting Israel’s administrative detention where they were held without being charged for a crime. There is no denying the passion, strength and determination these two had…but it was not loud enough for some. Without the help of persistent activists all across the globe, the media would’ve let their stories go untold. Activists mobilized with what they had to bring themselves together, to unite for the sake of two people who desperately wanted to live. They used the internet, they used the power of a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor. And thanks to the willpower of Khader and Hana, for surviving for so long, people got their stories heard and they were freed. They were no longer dying to live, because they were alive to hold their mothers, their daughters, their wives, their brothers once again. The internet truly saved their lives.

Bilal Thaeb and Thaer Halahleh are both on their 76th day of hunger strike and their state of health is not looking good. Thaer is losing his hearing while Bilal is losing sensation in his feet. They are slowly dying and the world is still silent. Despite the victories for Khader and Hana, people have turned a blind eye yet again.

That is not the only issue at stake.

While Bilal and Thaer are barely living, over 1000 Palestinian prisoners have joined them in protest and solidarity hunger strikes for 27 days. Yet the media is still silent. There is a revolution going on in Palestine- the most peaceful, selfless revolution…and it is not enough for the world to get angry and do something about it.

We, the world, have to say enough is enough and help these people. We, the world, who are fortunate enough to eat, to walk down the street, to live, to love freely…we need to share that with our Palestinian brothers and sisters who DESERVE, perhaps more than I do, to be able to do those things as well.

So I beg of you, great activists and regular humans, please join us in our trends for Palestine: our hashtags for hunger strikers EVERY NIGHT AT 9PM PALESTINE TIME (Use this website to convert the time, you will have to use IST unfortunately to get Jerusalem) and send an email to in order to get more updates about hashtags to trend on Twitter. We have done #75DaysVSApartheid which trended for approximately 20 minutes on Saturday (May 12th) and #Yom76 today (May 13th) which unfortunately did not trend at all.

The main focus is to tweet the media, journalists and politicians with twitters in attempt to pressure them into reporting or condemning Israel’s illegal detainment of innocent prisoners. Please, tweet with restraint and I ask that you TWEET POLITELY TO THEM AND DO NOT BE RUDE. I understand that there is frustration but no one will listen to us if we are mean. Here I have conducted a list on who to focus on, mostly western outlets/politicians.






@AJEnglish (Al Jazeera English)












Rick Sanchez @RickSanchezTV

Octavia Nasr @OctaviaNasr

Christiane Amanpour @camanpour

Katie Couric @KatieCouric

Wolf Blizter @WolfBlitzerCNN

Nicholas Kristof @NickKristof

Anderson Cooper @AndersonCooper

Sherine Tadros @SherineT

Ayman Mohyeldin @AymanM

Rawya Rageh @RawyaRageh

Arianna Huffington @AriannaHuff

Rachel Maddow @Maddow

Brian Williams @bwilliams

Chuck Todd @ChuckTodd

George Stephanopoulos @gstephanopoulos

(If you need to contact me on Twitter in any case, I am @Lsal92 and my name is Leila!)

AGAIN: Do NOT harass the journalists/reporters. We don’t want to flood them with tweets and annoy them until they block you (trust me, half of them have me blocked…) so please just keep it at two tweets from each twitter user if we have a lot tweeting. Let’s be respectful, please.

And if you have anymore to share, please drop a comment. Thank you so much, everyone. Don’t let Palestine down, she needs us. FREE FALASTEEN.

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5 thoughts on “Trending for Palestine: Hashtags for hunger strikers

  1. Contact us via @weareallhana or @handalachiapas

  2. I don’t mind doing it at 9:00 pm Palestine time, but the last three attempts have been at 8:00 pm.

    • I understand this, but I have been noticing that most of the prominent Twitter people are joining in at 8:45pm-9pm and we need them to make noise because they have more followers. Also, with the Khader campaign, everyone has gotten used to 9pm. We’ll try the time change to tonight and see if it works :))

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