Hungry For Palestine: Blogging for Hana Al Shalabi

On February 11th, 2012 Hana Al Shalabi, a 28 year old West Bank native, was snatched near Jenin, Palestine by Israeli Occupation Forces. She was arrested, taken to jail and subjected to unlawful treatment and abused human rights. However, this was not the first time Hana had been detained. Prior to her February 11th arrest, Hana was taken in 09 and served 30 months under administrative detention. She was beaten, tortured, sexually harassed and humiliated by Israeli soldiers who even took pictures underneath her clothing in attempt to blackmail her with them later. She spent time in solitary confinement as well, in a small, dark room without a window. Hana was then released in October 2011’s prisoner swap only to be taken in a few months later. But makes Hana’s case different than any other prisoner of the world? The fact that she served all this time in prison and was not charged for any crime. There is no public evidence that Hana Al Shalabi has committed a crime, yet she has served 2 and a half years in jail. She along with some 300 other Palestinian prisoners have never been incriminated yet their stories continue to go unnoticed.

With the recent twitter campaign calling for the release of Khader Adnan, who was also detained without charge and abstained from eating for 66 days as a form of protest , proving to be successful…we, average people of the web, are shifting our focus onto Hana now. Unlike Khader’s situation, Hana’s story did not take very long to hit the social media sites. By then, many of us had learned our lesson to mobilize news of Hana and get as much attention as possible before it was too late.

But as passionate and determined as we all are, the media is not paying much attention. And we are most definitely not going to wait until her 66th day of hunger striking. We will not let Hana become a martyr, like her brother. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to ignore her story and people should be learning about the illegalities of administrative detention and how is a complete abuse of human rights! Today, I blog for Hana. She is not to be pitied or sympathized with…because she has proven to us that she is very much strong, stronger than I could ever be. She is to be SUPPORTED and praised for her efforts to educate the world about Palestine and what it suffers with on a daily basis.This is a fight with her body, a non-violent one, one that is not harming anyone else but herself. It is the most selfless type of protest, I think. This is a fight for the homeland and the right to live FREELY!

Palestine, you are the heart of the Middle East…you keep beating, keeping us alive. You are in every Arab’s veins, even if we don’t acknowledge it. You symbolize our dreams, our hopes and struggles. We will never let you go.

Free Hana and all held in Israeli jails without charge. Today we blog for you, Hana! Please join me, friends.


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One thought on “Hungry For Palestine: Blogging for Hana Al Shalabi

  1. sardar imran

    my pray with you and all palestine people always i pray inshallah life smile once again all world with you thanks sardar imran jklf from kashmir

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