Why Syrian Activists aren’t making the situation in Syria any easier

I know I wrote a blog recently about how citizen journalism is important, but here I have written a blog where I contradict myself.


Since the Syrian uprising began in February 2011, I have found myself being attacked on a daily basis for speaking my mind about the ongoing violence. For those who know me by now- I have to give my opinion about everything regardless of who does or doesn’t value it. It might annoy people, but I can’t help it. Naturally, I bottle up my political rage daily and vent it all out of Twitter. This is the new age, people. We are no longer strapping bombs to our chest out of angst but instead tying ourselves to 140 characters that, and I know all too well, get us into a decent amount of trouble. I mean, what moron decided that we should shove the political complications of the Middle East in a tweet? Twitter is not the greatest platform for debate. This leaves people offended, friendships lost and words misconstrued.

Well alas, I have decided to add a few more characters to 140 in an attempt to discuss both sides of the revolutions. Now, I’m not usually one to explain myself or my opinion because I am beyond the point of caring about random strangers but the abuse is just too much and Syrian activists of both sides are just doing my head in. I find this issue comparable when speaking about Bahrain.

There are only two sides in this game. I so eloquently named them the “pro-regimers” and the “anti-regimers”.

Let us speak about pro-regimers. I can do so little as link an article about a reported number of deaths and because of my South Lebanese background I should ultimately support him otherwise I am labeled as a conspiracy believer. Bashar Al Assad should be my savior and as a Lebanese I mustn’t even assume he would kill his people. Now, sure…Bashar Al Assad played a major role for helping my people out. 2006 was not easy. Whether it was for his benefit or whatever, I’m still alive. Perhaps that’s selfish but no one likes to be blown up to bits. Although, when it comes to internal Syrian affairs, naturally a human activist wants to see all humans free. I will not bow down to any politician who supports my freedom while oppressing others. This is a Zionist rhetoric and I definitely do not enjoy Zionists. Here are some conversations I’ve had with the “believers”:


Me tweeting: “Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for political reform”


Don’t let this confuse you, the Free Syrian Army is who I don’t support, support intervention so this can be a somewhat justified thought. But I definitely support people power and I know most Syrians are not okay with occupation. So don’t round them all together and assume they are all for the worst.

Me: “I do not support the deaths of anyone”

Them: “But these are terrorists, it’s okay.”

No comment.


“Allah, Bashar w bas”

No. That’s not how it works. I’m sorry but even if he’s on our side, I condemn that kind of worship and it’s not even a firm base to help inform people. Politics is a fickle game, I fully believe every high-ranking politician has done something illegal to get to the point to where they’re at.

Now onto the anti-regimers: If you don’t worship their revolution, they attack you. I have been attacked by even so-called friends who would gang up on me when I merely asked for confirmed statistics of murders. What is wrong with that? Everything in life needs confirmation, even the news. Especially when reports of murdered Syrians turned out to be untrue (see: Zainab Alhusni). I don’t know about you all, but I take Twitter seriously when it comes to wanting to be informed about the world. People may find this gullible, but I use Twitter a source of news and I know I am not the only one. This is why I stress on confirmation, especially if I myself want to re-post certain information. The problem with Twitter is that it has given average Joes like I the ability to report news from my country without people actually knowing if I did my research. Thankfully, I tend to think I have morals and try my hardest to verify news because misleading people is dangerous and may potentially be threatening to others’ lives.

I hate to say it, but the outburst caused by asking for verification from anti-regimers is similar to the reaction from Zionists when you mention white phosphorous. It turns into something like this (again, based on real arguments I’ve had):

*someone tweets*
“47 die in Homs attack by Assad forces. This footage cannot be verified”
Me: “Hi can you find me a link that verifies this?”
Tweep: “How dare you deny the deaths of innocent Syrians! You are a hypocrite! You only follow sexy revolutions”

Now this needs no explanation because I really don’t freaking know what a sexy revolution is but I imagined a bunch of Arabs in 3 inch heels and mini skirts.


Me, when someone keeps bringing up the conspiracy that Iran/Russia/Hezbollah are killing protestors: “Why don’t you talk about the allegations of Qatar mercenaries trying to infiltrate through Turkey?”

Tweep: “Why are you concerned about Qatar? You are a conspiracy theorist”

Uh no. How about if you’re going to talk about one conspiracy, you bring up the others too. If you don’t, you are being biased and shaping people’s views against their will.


“You only support Palestine because you get attention from it”

Yes, I very much enjoy getting attention from people getting murdered.


“You are a fake, you don’t care about Syrian freedom because it’s not ‘in'”

I assume this has something to do with a revolution being sexy.


“Why don’t you ever ask for confirmation when it comes to issues regarding Palestine? You would never question an IDF operation”

Really? I come from Lebanon where I’ve seen IDF operations with my own eyes. I need not any confirmation as I know their capability. And even then I still need a little confirmation.


Lastly, my favorite:

“You support Assad because you are Shia, from South Lebanon and we all know your stance on Hezbollah. You are brainwashed.”

Ah, the never-ending obnoxious tweeps that bring my sect into my political view because clearly I am too retarded to do my own research and shape my own political opinion. And I was unaware that in my very American public school system in California that we were forced and brainwashed to adore Sayyed Hassan. These jerks are the worst, because they are the ones that make the uprising sectarian.

The most annoying part of the situation is that NEITHER side can give you any statistics. I am an average citizen of the world, concerned about the state our earth is in. Is it so wrong to question? Is it so wrong to ask just for one itty bitty verification, from both sides, without opinions slobbered all over it and people getting all touchy about it?

And this is the part where I await the abuse provoked by this blog (even though almost everything is a provocation. Saying “Syria” is a provocation.) Please, use the comment section of this blog to vent your frustration at me because I know you were going to anyway. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Why Syrian Activists aren’t making the situation in Syria any easier

  1. nice post bro. i have not met many pro-Assaders. I myself am one and have met with all the criticism u mentioned. Especially the being Shia part. As far as some confirmations are concerned, here are some articles that confirmed pro-Assad for me http://industrialcracks.tumblr.com/post/15256242734/syria-a-few-lingering-questions and

  2. zzz

    of course there is nothing happening in Syria .. its all just a big Hollywood studio where all footage are fake .. just a tiiiiiny reform needed .. juust a bit .. a nail polish for bashar maybe and everything will be fine and Syria will prosper ..

  3. Ray N

    I did not get from your article that you are Pro-Assad as Harron Waseem commented, though you did say that he helped in Lebanon. I did get from what you said that confirmation of the facts is important as to do otherwise is dangerous and I quite agree.I have not seen any of your tweets on Syria except those here, but I have seen tweets on Palestinians oppression by Israel in Gaza, I get info&stats from ifamericansknew.org and Electronic Intifada, as well as occupiedpalestine blog. I am not anti-semitic, but I am anti-injustice and therefore I am Pro-Palestinian. Recently @khuloodbadawi was the victim of much abuse from Israeli Zionists and Israeli offical Ron Proser, who wanted the UN to fire her, because she posted a picture of a bloody child in what appeared to be his caretaker’s arms. But the picture was not actually one of the latest violence by Israel against Palestinains. I came to her defense, sending an email to UN officails on her behalf, saying her point was correct, though the picture was the wrong, it was still indicative of the many days of pictures of bloodshed by Israel against Palestinians.
    So, are you Pro-Assad? I think he is doing much harm to innocent people, and though I believe that is wrong, I don’t live there and don’t have all the facts, but even if I did, killing innocent people is hard to justify whether for political reasons, or just because you hate them so much. I find that you are not how you are being portrayed by some on twitter, and some of the tweets seem to come from people who are using their emotions rather than their brains. I am now following, I hope you don’t mind.

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