Wear Red for Palestine- Success!

I’m happy to announce that the event “Wear Red for Palestine” was a huge success with people wearing red in 21 countries! The event gained over 19,500 members and the number is still growing. The event took place yesterday to commemorate the 2nd year anniversary of Israel’s brutal attack of the Gaza strip which lasted 22 days and killed 1,400 people, mostly women and children.

Places that participated in the Wear Red for Palestine event:

Palestine, Qatar, Poland, Lebanon, UK, California, Texas, UAE, Colorado, Arizona, Missouri, Florida, Turkey, Algeria, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, New Mexico, Bosnia, New York, Canada, Wisconsin, Germany, Austria, Illinois, Ireland, Colombia, France, Connecticut and Malaysia.

Facebook and Twitter turned red too with members updating their profile pictures to that color with a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people. 0.09% of Twitter last night was made of users tweeting the hashtag “#Gaza2” from all over the world!

#Gaza2 hashtag being used all over the world. (Photo via @AmoonaE on Twitter)
(Photo via @AmoonaE on Twitter)

Despite rude comments about how this event would change nothing, it never brought Palestinian activists down and most certainly didn’t bring me down. Thousands of people united, in the name of Palestine, to spread justice and educate the world about the oppression they have been too blind to see. We will continue to take advantage of our freedom until Palestinians are able to have their own! You will not be silenced, our beloved Falasteen.

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