ENGLISH Walkthrough: Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech on 11/28/2010

Leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has addressed the Lebanese public tonight speaking about the ongoing situation of Israel tapping Lebanon’s telecommunications. It has been known that Israel taps into one of Lebanon’s leading cellphone lines “Alfa” and now, Mr. Nasrallah went into details of how they actually do it and what danger it could put the Lebanese people in. He stated:

“The telecommunications sector hasn’t only been penetrated but completely controlled by the Israelis. […] No telephone in Lebanon is safe from Israel’s penetration; the Israelis can crack any code and any phone in Lebanon. Israel can make phone calls from your number, using your name, without your knowledge. Israel can also send text messages from any phone; they can manipulate the time and place of the owner of the phone. Israel can make a phone call from Beirut while you’re in Sidon; or from Baalbeck while you are in Bint Jbeil.”

Mr. Nasrallah also mentioned that there were “two lines in the Lebanese telecommunications sector” and that “one line belongs to the Lebanese and a phone line that belongs to Israel”. He thanked the Lebanese army for uncovering this information.

“We must salute our brothers, the technical experts in the Resistance and the Lebanese army for discovering this info. Of course people will call to the Lebanese Army Intelligence and accuse them of being spies. But after our discovery it has been proven that our brothers in the army are not spies. They are the victims of the Israeli infiltration and we must be vigilant in continuing to expose this.”

Changing the subject swiftly, Mr. Nasrallah started discussing the very controversial tribunal for assassinated Prime Minsiter Rafik Hariri in which Hezbollah members will possibly be indicted. He stated that prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s indictment was not credible if he based it on telecommunications.

“It seems this tribunal makes its own rules and does it whatever it wants. How can this tribunal be given such an authority? I have some questions to ask the Tribunal after consultation with several legal experts. […] The accused must be brought forth before an indictment can be issued. This tribunal is silent regarding the witness; it doesn’t allow the questioning of the witness. […] Why was prosecutor Bellemare in such a bad state when he made his comments on CBC? This is the same information broadcasted from Der Spiegel. This is not evidence; these are media reports. This is not credible evidence which an indictment can be built upon. I call on everyone to stop wasting time. “

He accused the tribunal of only being for political indictment and the UNSC of being “unconstitutional”:

“This Tribunal is a not legal or constitutional issue in Lebanon, it is a UNSC issue. The same UNSC which divided Palestine and recognized the illegitimate entity of Israel. The same UNSC that is a tool in the hands of the United States of America.”

Mr. Nasrallah held onto his claims of Israeli involvement in the assassination of Mr. Hariri and it how they are trying to disarm Hezbollah through this tribunal.

“Israeli officials have admitted that they have given information to this Tribunal. Israeli officials have collaborated in the investigation of the Tribunal. The Israelis themselves are talking about this. The Israelis have collaborated with the Tribunal to rid themselves of their enemy: the Lebanese Resistance. To the Zionist entity, we are a challenge; we are a competitor that has prevented all of their projects in Lebanon. […] Waiting until after the indictment will benefit nobody but Israel and lead to more aggression. “

Mr. Nasrallah spoke briefly about the recent “pull-out” of Israeli occupation forces on the Lebanese-Syrian village of Ghajar. He told the Lebanese public that it was merely an attempt by Israel to “cover up it’s eating away of territories in occupied Palestine” and to “improve Israel’s image”:

“It is very clear that the Israelis are playing around with this while continuing its settlement activity (in Palestine). […] Ghajar is an occupied territory; Israel has no right to tell anyone who should take control of the territory. Until Ghajar is returned to the Lebanese army, to Lebanese sovereignty, it is still occupied. Israel must withdraw from all of Ghajar; not just the Lebanese part of Ghajar and the Syrian part of Ghajar.”

Before concluding his speech, Mr. Nasrallah reassured supporters of the strength of Hezbollah.

We are not afraid. Never before in the history of our country has our Resistance been so strong and so confident.

Special thanks, as always, to Sarah Abdallah for English translations (@Jnoubiyeh on Twitter). You can find her website here: http://jnoubiyeh.com/

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