Walkthrough: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speech on 10/28/10

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, made a very short speech tonight in Lebanon revealing startling information, that has endangered the privacy of Lebanese civilians.

He begun his speech by quickly getting to the point. He told the Lebanese public that the Special committee for the STL (Special Tribunal of Lebanon, for assassinated Prime Minister Rafik Hariri), was requesting private information of Lebanese civilians. He stated:

“The Special Investigation Committee made many requests including the files from private universities from 2003-2006. Telephones and SMS messages from 2003 until now were all given to the Special Investigation Committee. The Committee also requested passports from the Lebanese General Security. 893 Lebanese peoples’ fingerprints were requested as well as DNA information and geographical information. They wanted everything regarding Lebanon’s geography from border to border; valleys, mountains, everything.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also gave details on where this information is going, but not why it is needed. He said:

“We also do know that the data & the information given to the Special Committee is then given to Western intelligence and Israel. “

He spoke about why Hezbollah didn’t interfere with these requests and why they were not stopped.

“Despite this fact, we remained silent. Why were we silent? We were silent so we wouldn’t be accused of disrupting the investigation. We were silent because of the martyr Rafiq Hariri’s family. We were silent to let them grieve. But the political reasons and internal reasons and foreign reasons are no longer relevant. We can no longer be silent. The silence stops here. I am asking, why does the International Tribunal need the files and data it is requesting?”

The most startling piece of evidence is that of the Special Committee requesting personal medical files from women’s clinics inside of Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah condemned this act, stating:

“Will any single of you, the people of Lebanon, accept that someone look at the files of your wife, your daughter of your sister? Is there any honorable person anywhere that would accept this? Their female family members examined by international investigators? We as Lebanese, have ethical values, righteous values. We do not accept this. The legal experts have told me this is forbidden from a legal perspective as well as a humanitarian perspective.”

He has asked Lebanese officials to boycott the investigation.

“Any cooperation with the investigation is contributing to the assault and the attack on the Lebanese Resistance. Some people have been threatened by the STL so they cooperate. We have this recorded. I call on all Lebanese officials to act according to their morals, their dignity, and their honor when called upon by the Investigation”

Sayyed Nasrallah ended the speech abruptly with,

“The files of your sons and daughters my brothers and sisters is now in the hands of the Israelis. We must not accept this, we must take responsibility, and we must take action.”

Many thanks to Sarah Abdallah (@Jnoubiyeh on Twitter) for the English translation of this speech. You may find her website here http://www.jnoubiyeh.com

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