What about Pakistan? 8/25/10

On July 29th, Pakistan saw one of the worst natural disasters of it’s time. Monsoon rains flooded the country, causing mass devastation amongst the Pakistani people. The floods, which are continuing till this day, are believed to have made 4 million civilians homeless and have left an estimated 1,400 dead. 466,00 people are prone to illnesses such as diarrhea and skin disease which is spreading rapidly, due to the lack of aid and medical treatment.

What has also hit Pakistan, other than these life-threatening floods, is the lack remorse and hypocrisy of the rest of the world. The Pakistani government has been condemned for being too slow in aiding the flood-stricken people  aid, most importantly with food and clean water. International communities have not done much either on spreading the word and helping to donate. Which brings me to the reason why I used the word “hypocrisy” earlier.

The US is undeniably the strongest voice, so why have they not been speaking up? The world came together for Haiti, at the US’s word.  We had charity relief concerts, door to door donations and even Hollywood shot us a couple of commercials using their biggest stars. So where is Pakistan’s commercial? Where is their concert? Why does the world only step up when Madonna sings a song about it?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but could it be the fact that Pakistan is an Islamic country? The US has recently become a part of “scandal” concerning how tolerable they are about certain religions *cough*Islam*cough*. Muslim worshipers are to build a mosque in New York, near the Ground Zero memorial. Many Americans are finding this controversial calling it inappropriate and some are even claiming it to be a tribute to Al Queda. Pushing it? Anyway. My point. At this “crucial” moment to show your American patrioticness, would it be the grandest idea to help those of this faith?

Or, if you’re not willing to stretch it that far, I’ll make my theory a little more easier for you.  It could be the fact that they are simply Pakistan. The world has little sympathy for us brown folk, so it’s easier to watch us suffer. Hence Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon etc. Our lives have been cheapened by the media.

Pakistan Flood

Flood waters above the knees in Pakistan

Destruction in Pakistan

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2 thoughts on “What about Pakistan? 8/25/10

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Pakistan completely fell off the radar. At one point, there was more media coverage of how the floods fell off the radar rather than there was of the flood itself!
    Keep up the fantastic work leggy lei!

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